Celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day at Root Restaurant

On Saturday, May 19th we partnered with Root, a farm-to-table restaurant in Bethlehem, NH to Celebrate Jamie Oliver’s 1st Food Revolution Day .  Chef Richard Larcom prepared a delicious appetizer of deviled eggs served three ways using our beautiful Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs.  

The deviled eggs ranged in preparation from the more traditional to a creative blend of ingredients in the most “Dare-Deviled Egg” that included Maine Sea Urchin.

Deviled Eggs three Ways using Pete & Gerry's Heirloom Eggs

The first deviled egg was the signature Root Deviled Egg. The second was a more complex bacon fat and cheddar deviled egg, The final and perhaps my favorite was a wasabi spiked deviled egg with Maine Sea Urchin and Toasted Nori.  Root is a place to truly celebrate “Real Food” with an amazing  diversity of fresh local ingredients.

Celebrate Food Revolution Day today and everyday by educating yourself about where your food comes from.

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