Farm to Table Friday-Baked With Love

Are you looking for a way to give back to your local community and to share the love of homemade baked goods and maybe even homemade dog treats? Food blogger Diane Lore of Baked with Love has called on bakers be they grandmothers, mothers, daughters or fathers to “bake with love” for those in need. Her mission is simple to provide a feeling of caring and heartfelt love through the gift of food.  Baked with Love was started in Atlanta, Georgia but Diane Lore is hoping her mission will spread one kitchen at a time.

If you would are interested in baking with love, choose a local charity, food bank or food shelf and ask if they are in need of baked goods. Choose your favorite recipes. Choose your baking companions to join you in the kitchen and then deliver your baked goods sharing the message “We Love You!”  Diane would love to have you share your stories.

Please take a look at her blog for more information about how to get started and also to see her daughter Emmie getting ready to bake some cupcakes with love using our eggs.

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