In the Coop: Our organic egg farm and the changing agricultural landscape

The agricultural landscape in the United States has changed drastically since Jesse’s Great Great Grandfather Robert Ward began farming in Monroe, NH.  Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs has successfully been able to adapt to these changes while preserving a practice of sustainable humane agriculture.

Look at all of the chickens!

We have also committed our family farm to growing to meet the demand for our eggs by working with small family farms throughout the Northeast.  We are concerned by the rapid decline in the number of family farms in New England.  The consolidation of egg farms into large-scale caged operations has led to a huge shift away from egg farming in New England. Now Dairy farming is experiencing the same down-trend with the number of dairy farms in Vermont dropping below 1000 this year.

We hope you will support our family farm and our family farmers as we hope to see a revival of egg farming in the Northeast.

Please read “Organic Egg Farm Establishes a New Pecking Order” by Chad Brooks in The Business  News Daily to find out more:

Meeting the hens

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