Greencastle, PA – Candler/Picker

Overall Responsibility   The Candler is responsible for visibly checking the eggs as the eggs move on the conveyor over light through the candling booth.  They observe the eggs for shell color and texture, internal characteristics, such as streaks, shadings, discolorations, size and position of yolk and the size of the air cell.  Any continual leakers and dirts must be reported immediately.  Ask for an additional person if needed, to assist in the candling process.  If determined necessary one will be provided.

This person may also work on the Production Line and monitor the eggs being placed into the final shipping cases and may be assigned to other similar jobs in the egg processing facility. Duties include final in-process inspection.  On the Production Line they will ensure that the correct product is being packaged into the proper cases.   This position may also be required to work the crack line and hand pack line.

Key areas of Responsibility

  • On time punctuality and good attendance
  • Monitor egg quality and communicate with Quality Control per USDA guidelines
  • Be aware of the blending changes as lot swaps occur
  • Keep work area neat and organized and free of trip hazards
  • Segregate eggs by dirts for rework and leakers into the waste barrels keeping in mind to minimize waste
  • Utilize downtime with additional housekeeping
  • Comply with all food safety procedures, regulatory requirements and process efficiencies
  • Report any food safety issues to any Manager
  • Follow all workplace safety procedures per safety training
  • Clean-up work area at days end including sweeping, eggs off floor, pans pulled and dumped, waste eggs dumped scoops, scrapers and buckets picked up and all removed to the cleaning room. This is mandatory for all crew members
  • Track green light (down time) to monitor opportunities for reducing downtime
  • Organize dirty eggs as needed and call for someone to take back for rework to avoid cluttering the workspace
  • Assist co-workers as needed – teamwork

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