Know your eggs and your chickens too!

The Farm Report
Jesse was recently invited back for another interview on ‘The Farm Report’ on Heritage Radio Network.  During this interview Jesse details more about the life on our organic egg farm to help educate our consumers to the benefits of choosing Organic and Certified Humane Eggs. 

Jesse will also answer some of the questions that you may have about what the barn environment where our hens reside is like (when they are not in the winter gardens or in pasture) such as the inclusion of scratch areas for the hens, as well as how much light the hens have each day.  He will also explore the life cycle of our chickens and also the different sizes of eggs and how eggs are graded. You will also learn more about the health benefits of organic eggs in your daily diet.

Please listen to find out more about Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs (and hens).  We are very proud of our farm  and want you to know more about what we do.

Waiting in line to lay an egg

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  1. Jack says:

    After watching a few youtube videos about commercial egg farming, I was shocked to see the living conditions of those poor chickens. I thought I’d never eat another egg again. Well I wanted some eggs one day and at the supermarket I saw the “certified humane” label on a box of pete and gerry’s eggs. I decided to buy them and later when I checked out the web page for peteandgerrys, I was impressed over the humane treatment of those hens! I’ll spend the extra money now when buying pete and gerrys eggs. Yes, I’m now a new customer.

  2. April says:

    That fact that these checkens are fed a “vegitarian diet” is a problem. Chickens are not vegitarians and are meant to roam and eat bugs. All these farmers are misleading us. They are fed corn and soy which is bad for us. Look it up. It causes an imbalance of onega6 to omega 3 in our bodies. Too much omega 6 causes inflammation, leading to all kinds of health problems, including cancer. That’s what put me on this search, I’ve had cancer twice. This is a huge problem.

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