Organic Egg Farm Establishes New Pecking Order

Business News Daily published an article describing how Pete and Gerry’s had to differentiate itself in order to evolve into an organic egg farm.

“When, in the 1990s, new technology allowed larger farms to ramp up production on regular farm-fresh eggs at a rapid pace, Pete and Gerry’s was almost left behind. Instead, the company decided to evolve into an organic and natural company. Two decades later, the company sells more than 180 million organic eggs a year.”

The process of transitioning to the organic egg business wasn’t easy. Pete and Gerry’s created a unique business model which partners with small family farms in order to increase production.

“The eggs, most of which now come out of one of Pete and Gerry’s more than 30 family farm partners throughout the Northeast, are currently sold in stores in New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia.”

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