Our family farm according to Jesse

In case you missed it, Jesse (son of Gerry), was recently interviewed for the Farm Report on ‘Heritage Radio Network.’  He gives a more in depth view of the evolution of our farm as a 4th generation farmer in Monroe, NH as well as discussing what happens at our organic, cage-free family farm on a daily basis. Jesse grew up in Monroe and spent a lot of time at the farm growing up (including days being scolded by his mom and dad for having the most ultimate ‘egg toss’ with his best friend Doug).  With graduation from college (in 2000) approaching Jesse was given the opportunity to return to work on the family farm alongside his dad.  With some encouragement from me (his then girlfriend and now wife, a ‘flatlander’ transplant from suburban Philadelphia) we came back to Monroe and Jesse joined the family farm.  Our family farm has continued to grow and change since that point into what it is today which is a family farm that we are very proud of.  With the growth and demand for our eggs we have chosen to partner with family farms to meet this demand and now work with 26 family farms.

Please listen to find out more about the story of our family farm:

The Farm Report


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