Fluffy Crustless Quiche

Cold mornings call for Fluffy Crustless Quiche…try saying that seven times in a row! (We promise it’s easier to make than say seven times in a row.)

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Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 35-40 minutes


Serves 6-8


Butter or baking spray

10 large Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

1 cup of whole milk

1 cup of heavy cream

Kosher salt and pepper

1 cup white cheddar, shredded

6 slices thick-cut bacon, cooked crispy and chopped

1⁄4 cup fresh chives/scallions, finely minced

1 cup fresh baby spinach


  • Heat oven to 350F.
  • Prepare a 9 x 13″ sheet pan by buttering or spraying it.
  • Whisk eggs with milk and cream, then add 2-3 pinches of salt and a few grindings of pepper.
  • Pour egg mixture into sheet pan, then sprinkle with cheese, chopped bacon, fresh chives, and spinach.
  • Add another pinch or two of salt and a bit more pepper, then bake for 35-40 minutes, or until light golden and set.
  • Serve warm!

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