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Strolling of the Heifers 2012

It was a rainy VT day at The Strolling of the Heifers this year but that didn’t stop the smiling cows and their handlers from strolling down the streets of Brattleboro.

Meredith Moo

This annual moo-ving event is one that you definitely should not miss next year. During the week leading up to the parade and live green Expo Jesse Laflamme, the head of our family farm participated in a discussion about management:

MANAGEMENT: The Green Entrepreneurs Toolbox: Success stories across energy and food

In the face of the current, interrelated economic and environmental threats, business leaders are “greening” supply chains and jumping on the sustainability-marketing wagon.  But what about those businesses who have been green from the get go? We hear from panelists who have designed their business with a triple bottom line perspective from day one  – and hear their lessons, challenges and thoughts on now being considered visionary.

Following the summit the focus shifted away from talk of sustainable agriculture and slow living to a celebration of agriculture and local farming.  On Friday night the main street was filled with the energy of live music, local food, and street performers. At the River Garden people filed through to enjoy tasting locally made breads that were entries in The Great New England Bread Baking competition.  I was excited to participate as one of the 8 judges of the bread baking competition.  The judges were split into two groups and I was fortunate enough to be able to sample the quick breads.  Contestants were encouraged to use local ingredients in their recipes which included our organic eggs as well as King Arthur Flour, Cabot Butter and Cheese, Grafton Village Cheese  and even Longtrail Double Bag Beer.  


Brattlebread Unwrapped

The winning bread was a Pannetone Quick Bread made by Anna Piergentili of East Dummerston.  Her bread had fresh bright flavors of lemon and orange as well as dried fruit. Anna was excited to win a blue ribbon and a trophy for her recipe.

Great New England Bread Baking Competition Prize Winner

The River Garden was bustling with live music and featured companies sharing their local products to include the Red Hen Baking Company, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, and Grafton Village Cheese.  

The River Garden

On Saturday the rains came but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the crowds.  Kids and grown-ups alike cheered and clapped as the cows, alpacas, horses, donkeys, kids, adults, and marching bands strolled by.  After the stroll the crowd congregated on the green to enjoy the Green Expo which included our Big Organic Breakfast Bar with our famous breakfast sandwiches.  This year we also added an education tent where children enjoyed seeing some of our cage free hens, sampling hard boiled eggs and wearing a crazy Nellie chicken hat.

Big Organic Breakfast Bar

Feathered ladies

Hello Nellie!

Moo Moo Train

A Divine Bovine Egg-sperience

We hope to see you again next year even if it rains!

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Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs not affected by egg recall!

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