Boscawen: A farmer’s life for Tom Giovagnoli

Meet Tom Giovagnoli, a small family farmer who has nearly 20,000 chickens that produce organic eggs for Pete and Gerry’s. Tom was featured in an article from The Concord Monitor. Learn about his journey to owning his own family farm titled Giovagnoli Farms LLC and how he became an organic egg producer for Pete and Gerry’s.

“The modern chicken farm, believe it or not, there’s lot of paperwork – almost more paperwork than time out in the barn,” Phelps said. Maintenance, he added, is the farmer’s main job, plus picking up any eggs laying on the floor.

After unsuccessfully looking in Chichester and Weare, Giovagnoli found some luck and a potential home for his coop in Boscawen. He had informal discussions with the agricultural commission, and eventually, the planning board approved his plan for the organic egg operation in February 2015.”

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