Eggs a Growth Industry for Pete and Gerry’s

The leading farm newspaper from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Lancaster Farming, published an article about Pete and Gerry’s growth in the egg industry on January 7, 2012. The article describes various changes that took place on the family farm over the years and how they plan to expand into the future.

“Two new barns were added in 2011, and Jesse Laflamme says instead of expanding into a huge farm, they want to spread the growth among other small family farms around the region. Pete and Gerry’s has contracted production with farms in several states, and expects to need half a dozen more contract producers each year for the foreseeable future.”

The article also goes on to explain how various groups in the state of New Hampshire are making books about Agriculture, or Ag Literacy, to the classroom. On National Agriculture Day, the book of the year “Charlie Needs a Cloak” will be shared read to children in schools across the state.

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