Why Are Eggs Sold by the Dozen? Why Not by 10s or 8s?

In an article published by nytimes.com, Stephanie Strom, a food business reporter for The Timesdiscusses why eggs are sold by the dozen rather than any other increments.

“The reason for packaging eggs by the dozen is somewhat obscured by time. But Jesse Laflamme, chief executive of Pete & Gerry’s Organics, an egg producer, said he believes it dates back to a measurement system that evolved in England after the Romans arrived in roughly the first century.”

“… in the United States, a vast majority of eggs are sold by the dozen, half-dozen and other multiples of 12. But in India and parts of Africa, it isn’t unusual to buy eggs by the piece, and in some countries they may be sold by 10s or 8s. Let’s just say it’s not an eggs-act science.”

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