NH business concerned about changes to organic food rules

In a recent article by John Koziol on UnionLeader.com, Jesse Laflamme, CEO of Pete and Gerry’s discusses Donald Trump’s recent promise of an across-the-board rollback of government regulations, especially one that would further define the word “organic” and bring more attention to the care of laying hens.

“The bottom line is that consumers could become confused about what a truly “organic” egg is. Pete and Gerry’s could lose market share if cage-free eggs are allowed to be produced on an industrial scale by companies that might meet the technical definition of organic, but not the spirit.”

“The rules are part of the voluntary opt-in for egg producers who want to be certified organic, and because they are voluntary, they have been praised in the past by Republican lawmakers as examples of ‘good regulations’.”

With a constantly growing egg industry, Pete and Gerry’s plans to rely on marketing to showcase the story and values of our company.

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