What Our Fans Say

Here are just a few of the kind words we hear from our fans at Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs every day. If you would like to share your comments, please email to us or comment on our social media channels like Facebook.


On behalf of my husband and myself, I just want to extend our appreciation for your wonderful company!! Though both my husband and I have always been huge animal activists, it has always been more about pets. I must say with some embarrassment, that it has only been in the last few years that we have decided to be more concerned about where our food products come from and how they are treated before they get to our local grocery store! After putting your eggs in the frig, after getting back from the store tonight, I saw your website on the carton and decided to get on the computer and take a peek at your company. Wow!  What a company!!!  So impressive!  It made me just want to close up our advertising agency ( we’re ready to retire as it is after 25 years ) and open an egg farm for Pete & Gerry’s right here in California’s San Joaquin Valley! Well, I just felt compelled to write a note of praise ( I’m sure you get a lot  of them )

-E. May


Thank you for doing what you can to promote improved conditions for hens. Thank you for pursuing better options for males and end of production females. I spent a good deal of time on your web site and I truly appreciate what you’re doing. We are the big-brained humans. We can and must be better custodians of our planet, our food system, and absolutely of other sentient beings.

-R. Aumann


I am writing to thank you for your eggs!  As a customer I appreciate being able to buy them in my local grocery store and I enjoy the photos on the egg carton.  It is nice to see the people and hens responsible for the product!

Thank you again, and keep up the good work!


-C. Edgar

“I just started shopping at the Acme in Haddonfield New Jersey and one of the reasons I like going there is for Pete and Gerry’s Organic eggs. Your educational web site makes a good case for organic foods in an attractive and educational manner, so I will continue buying your eggs. The higher price is worthwhile because I’m getting a better product and I eat a lot of eggs so I don’t want chemicals or antibiotics in any of my food. I expect over the long run to be healthier and in a better mood as a result of eating more nutritious food. Its encouraging to see there’s a whole commuity pf people devoting their businesses to humane farming practices.

Also I respect chickens and believe in treating them well because if they spend their lives giving us nutritious food then we should respect their well-being. Keep up the good work and thanks for the positive vibes.”

-Craig C.


“I just wanted to say thank you for providing convenient, healthy, high quality and delicious eggs.

There are so many egg labels that are so intentionally confusing. Your eggs are what I’m looking for: free range, organic, etc. So many are labeled to mislead on purpose. I have found myself having to look over the egg brand selections for 5 minutes to figure out what is what. That’s ridiculous! All I do now is look for your brand.”

-Jennifer A.