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Carefully cared for on small family farms

Pete & Gerry's hens enjoy life under sunny skies with room to roam, forage, and explore. Their care follows strict Certified Humane standards, ensuring the eggs they produce meet or exceed your ethical needs. Read on to learn more about our eggs with ideals and select the ones that are right for you!

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Explore the many ways of raising hens (and the two we believe in).


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Other hens


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Our hens


Some of the most cruelly confined in animal agriculture, these hens spend their entire lives indoors in tight cages without room to spread their wings.

Denying hens natural behaviors like nesting to lay eggs, dust bathing for protection from parasites, and more causes intense suffering.


Over 180 small family farms across the US

Explore our farms below to meet a few of the passionate families putting healthy eggs on your table.

"Most people sing in the shower, I sing in my barn."

Tom Giovagnoli 
Boscawen, NH
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Free-range hens must have access to 2 square feet (or more!) of space per hen, while pasture-raised standards require a minimum of 108 square feet. The bottom line? Both certifications prioritize freedom to frolic so that hens can do what they do best; just be hens.


Consistent with the latest research on hen health, all hens must be offered free access to nutritious, species-appropriate feed to supplement their balanced diet of pasture fare, which includes juicy worms, fresh greens, and other tasty treats.


As a safe haven from predators and a clean, dry place to nest and lay their eggs, spacious coops are a must-have for both free-range and pasture-raised flocks.


Tidy, uncrowded spaces with room to spread their wings and stay active means hens enjoy endless opportunities to behave like hens. Whether perching indoors or foraging out in the pasture, our flocks spend hours socializing with friends before winding down with a dust bath and nesting for the night.


All hens must have access to perches large enough that they can wrap their toes around comfortably and balance easily. Both in the coop and beyond, flocks find these perches essential for resting, stretching their wings, enjoying a peaceful moment alone, or getting the perfect bird’s-eye view.


Each flock must have access to well-maintained litter that keeps our hens feeling fresh and flourishing. As a natural behavior and cornerstone of hen hygiene, routine dust baths allow flocks to properly regulate body temperature and protect themselves from parasites.


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