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Organic Liquid Egg Whites

Pete & Gerry’s eggs come without shells, too! Our organic egg whites are packed with lean, low-calorie protein and come in a convenient, 16oz spouted carton for simple, mess-free prep. They’re perfect for the home baker, dabbling mixologist, and convenience-conscious foodie alike.

2 TBSP of Liquid = 1 Egg White; 3 TBSP of Liquid = 1 Large Whole Egg
Organic Liquid Egg Whites
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What's to Love

Lean, mean, pure protein

Even sans yolk, our organic liquid egg whites remain an excellent source of fuel. With 5g of high quality protein per serving, they offer countless nutrients and can help build and repair muscles while keeping you satiated.

Perfectly pasteurized

If you’re looking to add a healthy, all-natural boost of protein to your smoothie, just grab a carton of our organic liquid egg whites—no cooking needed. They’re pasteurized, which means they’re 100% safe to enjoy straight from the carton, whether that’s in your favorite blended beverage or an egg white cocktail.

A baking breeze

Baking has never been easier: substitute our one large egg for three tablespoons of our organic liquid egg whites in any recipe for delicious results without cracking a single egg.

No antibiotics, no chemical pesticides, no GMOs

Our hens enjoy a nutritious supplemental feed that’s 100% USDA Certified Organic. We don't put any "gunk" in their bodies so you can rest easy knowing you aren't putting any in yours.

Virtually fat-free

For those with special dietary needs still looking to reap the nutritional benefits of eggs without the fat found in the yolk, our organic liquid egg whites are a great choice

Low calorie

At just 25 calories per serving, our organic liquid egg whites offer countless nutrients at a low calorie count—so no matter what your individual needs, you’ll always be glad to have a carton in your fridge.

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