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Free Range Eggs

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Nellie's Free Range Eggs
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A day in the life of a pasture-raised hen

Foraging for delicious snacks

Our pasture-raised hens enjoy a well-rounded, species-appropriate diet of treats ranging from juicy grubs to tasty greens found in the pasture. On our farms, every bird (not just the early one) gets the worm.

Soaking up the sunshine

Spending their days on pasture gives our flocks plenty of time to catch some rays, whenever they please. All that sun not only makes for a healthier hen and a sunnier disposition, but boosts the amount of vitamin D in her eggs.

Endless hours of socializing

Hens are naturally social creatures and love to “flock” together in small groups. With 108 square feet of pasture area per bird, they have endless social hour locales to choose from—and no shortage of opportunities to squawk about the latest happenings on the farm.

Laying an egg

Hens lay one egg every 24-28 hours, so they enjoy minimal working hours, with the vast majority of their time dedicated to soaking up the sun and lounging about on pasture. Striking the perfect work-life balance is key for us all, and our flocks have it all figured out.

Dust bathing for self-care

More than just a spa day ritual for these self-care divas, dust baths serve a critical role in maintaining optimal health. They help keep our ladies clean, as well as absorb excess oil and moisture to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

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